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Default Re: Another Build from an abandon in the park bike

Hi Doc - I had to look at the pic to see what it was that you saw. That is a Hit and Miss engine I built a few years ago. It is made with a Honda 125 crank and piston and liner, home made head with 1/2" pipe 90s for intake and exhaust B&S valves and keepers. It uses auto intake and a one lobe cam made from an old bolt, I found a gear in the trans that had double the teeth driven off the old drive to the clutch, and it pulls the lifter that way it need not be so well made. You can see I used two I beams for runners. I had it running a few years ago for a few licks. I never got a good ignition hooked up. Have fun, Dave

PS: I always look around the room in pictures, I love Itinerary photos they stop time.
Its just a job. (Link) My shop is in the lower R/H corner.
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