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Default Re: Custom springer front, advice needed

Originally Posted by tyrslider View Post
Been working on a couple myself, springer (like yours) and girder (like Schwinn).

I'm concerned that if you push the axle forward significantly you'll get really dangerous handling. The front will no longer pivot but swing (sweep) instead (note pic of b'tracker fork legs are straight). Since this motion will be prevented by friction (tire grip) when you turn to the right your head tube will move left and vice versa. It may still work but it is w/o question a dangerous geometrical condition, especially at speed. At speed your rear wheel (the wheel that actually turns your bike in the corner 'cause when you countersteer your front is pointed to the outside of the corner) will be pointed sharper into the corner than it's profile would naturally orient it when leaned over.

By flipping my Worksman fork around I bought myself 4 inches of distance between parallels and returns my axle to the same pivot point.

Also if your gonna use reg forks and pivot your suspension at the axle points your gonna have to allow for movement and the slotted connection can be an issue depending on how you bear(ing) the movement (i.e what will hold the legs to their pivot points if they are loose to allow movement?)
Those are all excellent points, and I've given some thought to most of them. I planned to place the wheel axle between the two forks (about an inch more forward than it is now). This should be close enough not to cause any serious handling issues from changing the trail, (I keep studying the geometry and wishing it had more rake). PLacing the axle between the pivots should also keep everything together as the suspension "works" since a bump will drive the wheel (and the pivots) upwards into the forks. And like you said, I'd just use a spring that allows the right amount of flex for the job. I had thought about flipping the forks around like you did, but that moves the wheel too far back for me.

Kevlarr, I guess I could have someone else do it since welding is not yet one of my skills, (soon I hope!).

Did I miss something?
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