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Default Re: Im Jake from MI looking to get into this

devrou is just ok. He is slow to ship and his response is never super quick - when the 30 days runs out, you will be SOoL - even if the part is really defective!

I bought my kit December/January - kinda cold to work on the kit full time.

I had a bad carb needle* (which I really don't "blame" devrou for, the problem is it took awhile to figure out) - all I got from devrou: "warranty has expired" if you plan to buy when the weather is nice and build it right away, he's OK I guess. The parts are all about the same.

Why he continues to call it 80cc, does NOT exactly scream honesty, but I don't think he is patently evil. Just gets away with what he can get away with!!!

*I ended up buying a new carb from thatsdax and it works like a champ. Plus Norman here fixed my old carb by tapering the needle.

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