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Originally Posted by ku4qb View Post
Well, after following this thread from the beginning, I grabbed a bottle of Opti-2 off the shelf at the local mower shop. When I got it home, I looked closer and it says "Injector Lube". Not much info on the label. It says use it straight in oil injected engines, and for pre-mix use manufacturers instructions. The website is not really very informative and I couldn't find anything about 100:1, even for the regular stuff...
Guess I'll mix it 16:1 to start with. My engine is still new (got to find time to finish making my hub adaptor) so it will be getting the Opti from the very beginning. I'll let you know how it worked out, eventually, just not sure if this version works the same as the Opti-2 discussed here.
On a different and maybe crazy note, has anyone tried model airplane fuel in one of these engines? I have a couple of gallons of 15%nitro I got free and have no other use for. Maybe I'll try it in my Kinetic, no loss if that thing blows up. ;-}
Cheers! Bill KU4QB
I don't know if that is the same stuff. My container says Opti-2 Smokeless E-GD+ Enviro Formulas
"One mix for all 2-cycle engines. Contents (12 Fl. OZ) mixes 10 gallons". My container doesn't say anything about oil injected engines. It doesn't sound like what you have. Might be a good idea to give your mower guy a call before mixing any up.
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