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Default Re: Shift Kit?

Originally Posted by bugoutbike View Post
HI All,
I was browsing the forums and read this in one post.If you are going to get a shift kit .

Get the heavy duty freewheel not the standard one.
Lots more complicated .
I use s shift kit based bicycle and would not go back to a plain non shifted kit.

So what is a shift kit and free wheel clutch. I understand the terms but have not seen either yet. Does someone make these in kit form? Thanks for any help.
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Sick Bike Parts LLC - Shift Kits

1) I would say if you have any engine mods, ride hard, etc get the HD Freewheel.
2) It's more moving parts for sure, but not complicated.
3) I am the same way. Bolt on sprocket? Yechhh......
4) See the links above for kits. We designed the thing and first to the market, we've sold over 1000 now, no huge problems. Just some folks have blown out the low cost Dicta FW, so we designed and have a HD FW now.
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