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Default Re: Engine and Bike Suggestions

Your budget of $210 suggest a 2 cyl 66/80cc or 49cc.
Allow approximately $120-$170 for an engine kit delivered to your house.
Your best bet is to look at your local for bikes. There are several options for cruiser or mountain bike suggestions on this site. Easiest installation will be on an older 90's bike with traditional 'v' frame with the smaller (not over sized) steel tubes.

Look on both sides of the page for sponsors that sell motor kits.
There is no 80cc, they are actually about 66-68cc but referred to as 80cc.
49cc and 80cc are supposed to have about the same top speed although 80cc have more torque. 80cc are also rumored to have a bit more vibration. Many states have laws that require under 50cc.

Read through the posts. There is a tremendous amount of knowledge here. Enjoy!!
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