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Ok now.....spad4me...(I don't get the name?), so where are you located n how much for the OCC? Mind you, while in the midst of, I think phase 2 of TRT (The Ratt Turd), I took a Sunday and committed it exclusively to acquiring OCCs, 1st thing in the morning I went to craigslist and called every posting that I found for 50 bux obo, shrtly there after I was on my way to pick up the 1st of 3 that I acquired that day and b4 I even got there my phone started ringing with people calling me back that I had left msgs for, the timing of the calls kinda sucked as they ended up havin me backtrackin from 1 side of the valley (Phoenix), back to the other side, n then back again to the opposite corner (felt like I had gone half way to CA) for the 3rd 1 of the 3!

So after about 3 or 4hrs of drivin, and 108 bux later, I was the proud new owner of 3 OCC's, and they were all different! The first 1 was really fricken ratty, definite donor bike, it was 1 of the blk 1z with the chrome flames, n bare forks (same as TRT started out), was askin 50 bux n he took $30.

The second 1 was also blk, but with the yellow n org flames, as well as a front fender & foot pegs on the forks, and in MUCH better shape, was askin 50 bux, gave $28 for it!

Now the final 1 was a helluva drive, but this 1 was worth it, 1st of all it was in pristine condition, and it was a Green 1 with chrome flames, all black accents (rims, kickstand, bars, etc..), and this 1 also had, unlike the other 2, the high rise bars, and front & back brakes, as well as a front fender (different from the other front fender on #2) was askin 50 bux, I offered $40(can't blame a guy for tryin!) but they weren't budgein, so I hurried up and happily handed them $50 knowing they coulda got $150 for it easily!

I ended up swappin all the black accented stuff off of the green 1, cuz I wanted the black rims etc.., and besides, I had every intention of selling it to try recoopin some of the $$ I spent! The very next day, took it over to a buddies house, who's kid was slobberin all over my motorized 1 about a week b4 that and hadn't quit buggin his dad about getting one since! Just so happens, that the kids birthday was coming up on the following Saturday, n dad hadn't figured anything out for a gift was perfect!

I didn't even know till then about the birthday, but that's what sealed the deal! I gave him a break, cuz he was a friend, n I had taken the black stuff off etc....n gave it to him for 100 bux! So not only was I a hero, but I ended up with 2 OCCs for a grand total of 8 bux! Yeah worked out pretty good! So how much for the OCC? lol.....

Anyway, sorry bout the tangent, but I just had to share that, so spad4me, what kinda bike are ya chasin down mustangs with anyway? If not an OCC? you shoulda dropped a cple pics, n it just says that it is the bike from.....? From what, where? Sounds like a pretty cool set up, would like to see it, and also, cmon you can tell me, how fast is it? Also, with a little ingenuity, you can set up that OCC to handle whatever ya weigh! I mean yer already going as far as jackshaftin it (which isn't a walk in the park by any means), so why not just make it have new specs! More bracing, soft tail, spring seat, can do it!

So here are the pics of phase 1, before it was named, and b4 it broke on me, I did however manage to get it broke in though b4 starting on phase 2!
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