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Default Re: Why hello there! (Acton, MA)

Originally Posted by Russell View Post
Hi Nate,
Welcome aboard! My first build is also a schwinn occ. Did a lot of reading here before starting the project. I am sure that it saved me many headaches. Did you fab or purchase your mtr mount? As I I was in no rush, I enjoyed the build and fabbed everything I could to save $.
I am from weymouth haven't come across any other MB's here. I am starting to get ready to upgrade the occ to five speed. Once again it will take some time as I will try to fab everything.

Later Russ
Unfortunately all the tools I have are for wood working. I went with ebay Barry's mount. The 5 speed upgrade sounds interesting, good luck with that! I'm waiting for a replacement engine to come in and have in the mean time purchased a lay back seat post and different style handlebars to install. These occ bikes are fun to customize

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