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Default Re: Another Build from an abandon in the park bike

Well I got another one finished today. Ill tell you this, these kits are not the easiest things to get going. First off the sprockets are the worst. I have to carve on them for at least an hour. The one on the engine was so bad the the chain would not come close to running through. The one in the rear just kept derailing till I hit every tooth on the sides so that they would role into the chain. I am getting tired of the head studs being too long. The last one had the stack of washers and I thought this one would be better, (not). As soon as the engine started it blew the head gasket, the aluminum is so soft that it just pushed it out from under the head, I added another washer to the stack and a new gasket and it runs fine. The last bike I found had 32 spokes so the sprocket would not go on that wheel, and I liked that one. I found a wheel on a Recumbant bike I was building so that is the one on it now. I ran the bike around for a while, it runs good and quiet, but the porting is doing no good with the stock muffler, I will do my mods to that too. I up'd the size of the hole in the carb to a .063 and it seems to work good. It was idling straight away. I like the 41 tooth sprocket that came with the kit, the chrome tank, I think I like too. The clutch handle is the best, I never thought I would like anything better than the Russian one. The throttle and kill switch is better than the last batch of engines I got. As soon as I work out the last of the bugs I am going to paint the thing, I know I said that the last time I built a bike and it is still the same old color. Have fun, Dave

PS: I want to add another bar in the frame just above the engine, I think It would make it stronger. You can see the pic of the piston and notice the hole is lower than most, it has a short rod crank.
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Its just a job. (Link) My shop is in the lower R/H corner.

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