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Default Re: RANT! flat tires

have used successfully the tire liners and thorn proof tubes, But I still stay away from Slime or its copies because it makes it almost impossible to patch the tube afterward. For me the worst part is if I get a flat in the back wheel.

Since there is two chains and not quite enough room to get everything put on strait (vertical drop outs don't help) its quite a chore to change a tube on the road. and once when I did I forgot to check the tire liner and by the time I got home it was flat again. I still don't like to fix flats if I can avoid it ,but I will still stay away from no air tubes or slime. Back 40 pounds ago I used to ride thirty miles a day on sew-ups and did not get that many flats because I watched were I was going and always took the glass off before it got stuck in there.(that's why fingerless gloves were invented, not for grip but to reach down a brush the glass off)

Slime is a grate idea so you can sell new tubes and more slime, but otherwise its a rip in my humble opinion.

Mike Frye A.K.A. Frye Bikes
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