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Exclamation Skyhawk 80 cc kit from Spooky Tooth

Hi All,
This is my 2nd post and want to record the progress of my Bike motor build. After reading all the posts and checking out all the web sites I chose the Skyhawk 80cc kit from Spooky Tooth. Just a few days ago I was introduced to bicycle motors by my neighbor. he installed an 80 cc kit he purchased from Ebay for $119 including shipping. I would bet that these engines were all made in the same engine factory. BUT I dont know and really dont care. I just wanted to try out a motor build on my cheapo Husky Mountain bike that I bought to ride around the park with my kids. After seeing his cool little setup I caught the "BUG" and read up on them. I placed my order this morning and $170 PayPal bucks later the deed was done. GT5 80cc kit.

One thing I have noticed though about these engine powered bikes is the diversity in the age groups and the social status people hold. I have seen in these last few days everyone from Homeless people to business execs on one type of kit or another. From kids who cant even get a learners permit to people who have lost there drivers licenses for one reason or another. Wheres the drunk smilie when you need it? BUT one thing is for sure, we are all big kids at heart and love to have fun. These little engine sure have the widest customer group I have ever seen!

As far as my project I will post as time permits me since I am on the road for several weeks at a time. When I get home I will post my build and my experiences with this particular kit and the customer service I receive from this company, Spooky Tooth. I will buy most of my parts from them and try and do a build soley around what they have to offer. The exception is a Rock Shox my brother is sending me. Other than that it should be pretty much Spooky Tooth parts. Stay tuned my friends and keep the rubber side down.
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