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Default Re: RANT! flat tires

Originally Posted by drhofferber View Post
xlite...i have a pair of solid airlrss tires, but have not put them on...can you give pros and cons on these are the first i've heard that has used them...thank you...Dennis
My experience is with a solid tube and also a solid tire (wish I could remember the brand). Both were very hard to install and had a bad feel when riding. Hard to describe but quite uncomfortable when hitting those thick painted striped on the road and scary on turns. A buddy of mine had similar experience with a solid tire different brand.

We both removed them and went back to thorn proof with slime because there was no advantge to the solid and couple major drawbacks. One of those thing that sounds like a good idea but...

Possible that improvements have been made or other mfg are better but I doubt it.

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