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Default A day of tinkering

Ok the first photo I'm posting is my bike how it sat yesterday. I got ahold of a pair of suspension forks from my father in law, they were white, wet sanded, primered, painted flat black, put those on, the steer tube raised my handlebars significantly. Being the tinkering type I took a 1 1/8 threadles stem, attached it to my threaded steer tube (in place of the factory quil stem) and lowered my entire handlebar/stem setup quite a bit. The stem is actually off of my dear 24" Schwinn Pro stock 3 BMX bike, that I havent really ridden since our baby was born. I know this might not be considered chop shop work, but I just wanted to show off my work to you guys, I really have respect for those of you cutting, welding, powdercoating untill your motorbicyle dream is complete. Any comments would be appreciated.... I tried to show my wife but she was like whats different haha... Anyhow first pic is stock, second pic is view of my stem I added, it has a headlock bolt on it... bolt goes all the way down to the bottom of the steer tube on my forks and clamps the entire assembly down, third pic is side view of my rig I had to do to make this work.... had to use a threadless race and threaded parts to hold that race down as I had no threadless spacers offhand... next pic is my new forks, they were white but they look 100% better in black IMHO, plus this let me put good brakes on my bike finally!
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