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Default Re: Been An Adventure With China.

I'm still a noob to the motorized bicycle world, but I worked on MC for 14 yrs before my body told me to stop. I've had some proplem with my kit, carb was junk slide sticking in the bore, tried to lap the carb body, no good, replaced w/ spooky tooth nt carb. Chain tensioner moved to the outside,(better than inside, no spoke damage) & bent the kits cheep a** chain, replaced w/ #41 chain from tractor supply and a self tapping screw to hold it in place. And at just ove 350 mi the chain tensioner wheel gave up, replaced w/ a lawn boy idler wheel from a local lawn mower repair shop. I ride to work everyday I can (don't get wet on purpose) and have over 400 mi on mine, and that is in less then a mounth.
You will have some small problems but keep the faith and keep it the rubber side down!
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