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Default Re: new build and got pulled over by the law

Originally Posted by jimmybking View Post
well I have started a new build and the first thing i had to do was relace my back wheel, and boy was that a pain! I got it done and everything should fall right into place now. its going to be one of those red jesse james choppers. I'll post some pictures soon. kind of off the subject the other day i got pulled over, (for going 100 in a 35) "just kidding" it was defiantly one of those good cop bad cop deals, but really the only thing they told me was to stay on the side of the road and to not wear my head phones. Also im thinking about building a pexley glass dome for when it gets to cold. has anybody done this or have any ideas?
use lexan...its indistructable...get a pieace about 2ft by 8ft...attach it to the handle bars and bend it to the back...its very flexible...1/8 would be makes small motorbikes in europe with these wind shields on them...i'd be interested to see your fab...great idea...Dennis
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