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Default Been An Adventure With China.

I got a motor kit about three months ago.
I just got it out of the box.
I've been trying to put it on a cruiser for about three days.

One part after another seems to either come apart or break.

First off the metal bolts were soft and two were threaded wrong.
I went to the hardware store and picked up some hardware (About $20.00 in bolts/nuts/ washers etc..)

The throttle handle was stuck.

When I took it apart, a piece of plastic was broken off inside.

It looks like it is made out of some kind of 'bakelite' or brittle plastic.

The tubing for the gas line looked like 'surgical tubing' clamps.

Another $7.00

The motor mounts did'nt fit so I fabricated one from 1/4" steel and a muffler clamp.

While adjusting the tensioner, the bolt stripped.
The tensioner wheel is made out of some kind of nylon..
The kit as a whole looks like it needs a complete rebuild or replacement of parts before it would work.

I have to be honest, it does'nt seem worth the effort and after looking at the metal and how this kit is put togther, I would'nt take it out any distance.
From my experience and seeing how it is made, I'm frankly more concerned now of a failure while on the road like a throttle, chain tension. or metal failure that could cause an accident.

Is this 'normal' from all the kits from China or did I get a lemon?

I put the thing in the barn and am not sure what to do with it.
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