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Default Re: suggestions please

I was a professional photographer for almost forty years. I never got to use that in a conversation lol. I always wanted to, so thank you for the opportunity.

Seriously though most of us see art much too rigidly and I include myself in that. There is a lesson here, everything has a purpose first, then design takes a back seat most of the time. I think the Honda element is the ugliest vehicle ever made. My wife's best friend has two big dogs, (as do I) which she takes riding in her car. She loves it because it can be hosed out when needed. It was designed for people to tear the heck out of. It's the only reason I can think of to make such an ugly little car. Pure utility.

Can you image what was said of the first VW to hit this country.

So I think Butterscotch and blacked out chrome is the answer to the color scheme from now on. Thanks Guys.
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