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I get asked a lot to spill my info about how I build my jackshaft...

That's kinda like asking the Colonel for his Secret Recipe. =-]'

I spent 5 months researching and developing, spending cash
and breaking parts, spending more cash and breaking parts.
But, I finally got it to work and be reliable.
The stuff I use comes from all over the place.

I am building a website to sell the things I've worked so hard to accomplish.
I have wholesale set ups with the places I have found my parts.
I have an OCC jackshaft almost finalized that will be a true
bolt-on affair. It'll sell complete for $199, come with hardened gears,
bearings, shaft, collars, freewheel, tube clamp billet aluminum casing, etc...
everything but chain.

BUT, it isn't that easy to get to ShifterVille on an OCC, my friend....... =-]'
First off, the rear center pull brake levers are in the way and have to go. Period.
Or you have to remount them up high, but WHY? when you can go Disc Brakes.

I am going to be selling Disc Brake Adaptors for the OCC Front and Rear Wheels as well.
Now you have as much WOE for all the new GO.... =-]'

This entails using the caliper adapter from Choppers U.S. that mounts on the rear axle,
and aligns the caliper to my rotor adapter. As far as the front goes.... you gotta ditch the
thinned tubed stamped steel OCC fork in favor of a $59 Wide Tubed ALuminum
Triple Tree Chopper Fork from Choppers U.S. that has the disc brake caliper adapters built in.
You get a better looking, stronger fork with Disc Brakes to boot.
Now you have performance to stop on a dime from 40+ mph to a dead stop
while your drool keeps going the speed you just were... =-]'

Now comes the Final Issue (and it is a major safety issue)
After you stack on the 5 speed freewheel to the OCC Super Phat Rear Wheel,
along with the Caliper Adapter you got from Choppers U.S. ,
and the Axle Mounted Derailleur you bought,
There comes The Biggest Challenge....
The Axle Is Too Short By One Inch To Be Able To Safely Attach
Washers and a Nut to Each Side To Clamp it all Down.

After a couple more weeks of searching the ends of the Earth,
I have come up with a Longer, Chromoly, Axle Upgrade with Brand New Bearings...

Does anyone see the Value of My Research, Blood, Sweat, And Gears as of YET?
Do you see why I just don't want to give it away???
I don't mean to be selfish, but I have worked very hard to get where I am;
And I plan to make money off of my information that I sought so hard to find.
So, this is one thing I am not going to reveal. sorry.

If you guys want to go build one yourself, Go Right Ahead.
Get a Gear Ratio Calculator Program, Spend 1000's of hours on the internet,
spend gobs of money that you just throw away, and experience the harsh learning curve I did.

Or just buy the parts from me and be done with it.... sleep at night without your R & D consuming every breathing moment of your life for 1 year on your motorized bicycle.

You wouldn't ask Sick Bike Parts where they get their jackshaft parts would you?
To tell you the truth, doing it yourself will not save you any money and will cause you much grief. Well, I may not have the website up and running yet, but I do have a corporation, and
a web presence will follow very soon....

Mavrik Motor Bicycles

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