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So...anyway...another pesky update...I picked up another new toy....

Electric scooter. 24v, 15.5a (372w) motor. Needs work though. The throttle had the wires ripped out, there is no control box anymore. It's just the scooter and motor. However a 12v garden tractor battery straight to the motor propelled me around the street, albeit slowly.

Don't mind the pics, I've since ripped off the atrocity that was the hacked up cooler.

I plan to get at least a pair of high capacity car batteries to wire in series, and a toggle switch for the handlebars. I don't really need a twist throttle...toggle switch and relay will handle that little motor just fine. I need to make a seat post and use that fat seat I have, raise the scooter floor up a little so that the pair of batteries fits side by side between the steering tube and the seat base (will use spacers, bolts, and sheetmetal or wood to hold the batteries), and make a couple extensions for my feet to rest on. Suppose if I really wanna get funny...I can make a little kickoff for my trailer to clamp to, and put more batteries on that for reaaaally long range.....

i'm freakin loony (inventory is always being added!)
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