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Default Re: Really need to decide

Originally Posted by granbury_man View Post
Hmmmmm,this I did not no(or havent heard any bad things about the 4 strokes)....I have only heard about the good stuff with the 4 stroke engines....Duane at thats dax has a new gearbox for the Titan on his parts page for 22.99....Very reasonable....
Yes, the 4 stroke engines are ok but as was already said, it's the GEARBOX that will most likely always fail. I'm referring to the frame mount kits that mount in the same place as the china 2 strokes. The rack mounts like made by DAX are highly dependable but yes, I know what you're talking about with the high center of gravity. It's not really that big a deal but I will always prefer frame mount. The gearbox on my frame mount 4 stroke kit failed in less than one mile. If one of these dealers would just come up with a mountable jackshaft kit that mounts to the seat tube that attached to the 4 stroke Honda clone or even the superior Tanakas and Robin Subarus so you could FRAME MOUNT the motor, it would be a different ballgame. It would be so easy to do, I think I'll just make one myself. The only thing that has held me back is that little clutch that comes on the Hua Sheng 4 stroke. It has a gear on it but not a sprocket. And the crankshaft is an odd metric size I think and there's very little shaft to start with.
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