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Default Re: Really need to decide

Originally Posted by granbury_man View Post
If you want reliability,go with the 4 stroke....I personally think the 4 strokes look like crap on a bike and they are top heavy....I use the china girl becouse it looks so cool on a beach cruiser....If you want cool,go with the 2 stroke,if you want reliability,go with the 4 stroke....End of story...
Strange as it may sound most of the 4 stroke kits fail very quickly compared to 2 stroke due to poor gearbox design. The half dozen guys I know who bought chinese 4 stroke kits got couple hundred miles at most while my 2 strokes went thousands.

If you pay nearly a grand for the new upgraded gearbox setups, go with DAX rear mount (pocket/atv gearbox), or DIY, then you can do better but these are special cases.
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