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Originally Posted by BarelyAWake View Post
Well tbh I had not the courage to try the 100:1 Amsoil (well, actually I couldn't find any heh), but I did switch to the Amsoil 50:1 flavor...

Mine lil motorized bicycle got a bit hot and bothered by it. At the recommended 50:1 ratio, after zipping about for a bit and bringing her home to check things, I shut her down and was serenaded by quite a LOT of metal contraction noises. I don't need a temp gauge to inform me that I had just abused my motor a bit. Usually after a ride I'll get a "ting" or too as she cools, this was a veritable symphony of complaint. However...

While I was riding, I noticed she ran a lil smoother - not ignition mind you, that hadn't changed, but the high vibration had smoothed a bit and this was particularly noticeable at top speed. I said "hmmm o_O" So I drained the tank and mixed up a batch at the good ol 32:1 and sure nuff - she loved it. At max RPM she doesn't quite sound like she's about to explode in a shrapnel cloud of recycled beer cans, the piston head and plug base are no longer black and gooey, and it may be just the weather (planets lined up, equinox, third Tuesday of the month, w/e) but I seemed to have gained a solid 1.5 MPH.

Yeah... I know... a WHOLE 1 mile per hour OMG w00t! Well, as fellow MBers I figure y'all understand how much even that means lol Actually, as a blowboater (sailboat fer u landlocked types) that has a normal top speed of a whopping 12mph or so - I'm used to this "fractional gain" game
I was going to say, you were just getting on it more.
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