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Ooooh, cool, you'll have to share pics and stories once you get 'er up and running.

I heard some good things about thatsdax, also some bad. I'm buying from a guy on here though, we finalized the plans on it and I just gotta send the money order out now.

Thats cool, it seems like it's going to be a good hobby for me. I'm used to tinkering with stuff, been messing with engines since I was 10 or so (im 23 now), I'm getting into this mostly because I miss working on my old ATV.

Age doesn't matter, you've done more than a lot of people can do themselves. I have friends of all ages, because people are either cool or they're not, and age is a meaningless number. 9 or 90, doesn't matter. You seem cool so far, heh.

Nope, no other vehicles. No cars or ATVs anymore, just my trusty mongoose and an old huffy. No need to have a car around here, but a motorized bike would be convenient to have and fun to work on
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