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Default Re: Built Huffy Tough with Schwinn Stuff

I also rework old Schwinn fenders. I deal with dents with two rubber mallets. One I shaped so that it fits the curve of the inside of the fender (shaped it with a disc sanding attachment on the drill)... hold it in place and smack it a good one with the other rubber mallet. They aren't aren't perfect to be sure, but look lots better than before. Being chrome, there's no hiding imperfections with body filler. I've tried using a ball-peen hammer and find that the rubber mallet works better.My bikes are old and so are the fenders... still, cleaned up they look good. They are what they are, sharp, classy old bikes. Some scratches, some faded or chipped paint, a couple dimples in the fenders are OK and help make it clear that the bike is old and not a reproduction. Besides, I'm cheap and don't like to throw things away if there's still life in them. I think your fenders look great, Kevlar.
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