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Default Re: Another Build from an abandon in the park bike

Originally Posted by zero240sx View Post
Ok a little secret for all of you guys... At the City Dump site here in Hazard Ky i have gotten like 10 bikes in no time... there is a little trick though. i worked at a church next to it and took the trash over there directly to the platform that all the trash goes to before a bulldozer pushes it into the truck... i talked to the bulldozer driver and he started putting all of the bikes to the side for me and i would take them if i wanted to and if i didnt take them in a few days he would push them over. id say is a nice chap would go and ask someone who worked in your local place, and maybe work out a deal... you could do the same... i got a green occ chopper stingray...a 198? huffy bike with a leather spring seat with the internal 3 speed hub that still works. a bunch of mountain bikes and even some kid bikes.... ohh yeah and all for free but i would have paid him a little for his trouble if he wanted it.
Out here in the country(texas)there is a couple of second hand stores that take donations(people helping people and The boys and girls club)....They both have tons of biclyes lined up for 5 to 10 buck and if they dont sell them within a couple weeks they put them in a free pile with furniture and what not....If I was to start collecting all the bikes they give away my yard would look like a bicyle graveyard....I bought 2 beachcruisers from them for 5dollors each(im not much into the mountain bike look for my motorized bicycle setups)they have tons of name brand mountain bike and street bikes though....
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