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I agree as far as I know the "suggested" oil mix is for regular oil. New 2 cycle oils that are made for premixing are formulated to be mixed at what the bottle says to give the right amount of lube for any 2-cycle. Motorcycle shop oils, some are 32:1 some 50:1. The 50:1 oil is thicker. Opti-2 is honey thick according to the guys here that are using it. So 100:1 makes sense for it. I found some on ebay, a bottle to mix 10 gal for 13.95 shipped. I've been paying 9.95 for honda 32:1 in a 16oz bottle. That's 2.50 a gallon for just the oil. It is a pretty blue color. So I'm really paying over 5 dollars a gallon for my gas. The Opti I found will be 1.40 a gallon. I'm going to try it. When you look at the per gallon price it's cheaper. I've found nothing online saying anything except it's great. Just saying it's terrible and you'll blow up your motor without really trying it isn't informing anyone. Suggesting somebody built this company just to say "haha you blew up your motor" makes no sense at all. As far as gas goes. Almost all the gas in any area comes from the same refinery. It's the additives added to it afterwards that makes it Texaco or Chevron. Higher octane gas burns slower. That why you need to use it in a high compression motor. So when it ignites the burn is slower and it doesn't cause pinging. I don't think it matters at all in these little motors, but in alot of area's premium doesn't have alcohol in it. I guess if that matters to you then ya go with premium. If it's your car you don't need premium until you hit 10:1 compression ratio.
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