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I've been running my motor ( chinese 69cc) everyday since last winter just before christmas. And i really bag the living piss out of this thing every time i ride it because i dont care if it breaks or not and so far it hasnt. My bike has always been pretty quick, quicker then any of my friends. I think i've properly mixed the gas and oil maybe a handfull of times the whole time i've had this thing. I usually just dump a bit in and thats all she gets kinda thing. I heard all this hype about this opti 2 garbage so i gave it a try today and it runs a lot better. I always run it flat out whenever i can and today with this new oil it seemed like it kept climbing and climbing, by the time she reved out i was goin so fast i scared myself on this stupid thing. I did hear some weird noises but it didnt sound like anything that was hurting the motor. Kinda sounded like the motor was just finally getting the oil it wanted. I always run the cheap gas station two stroke oil. But yeah, im pretty stoked seeing as this is my only mode of transportation till i get my license back haha.
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