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Default Re: What speed do u cruize at on open road?

Originally Posted by bandito View Post
I have a friction setup and with a 1" 1/8th roller I cruise at about 20 to 25 mph on the side streets. On the major streets Im on the side walk going 10 to 15 mph. Unless theres a dedicated white line defined bike path on a major street I dont ride on them, I value my life too much. This bike will max out at 40 mph though if you want it too.
Did you know that your engine's rpm at 40mph will be over 13,500rpm? Which engine are you using?

I also have friction drive, 1.375" roller and a 5hp GP460 engine. The bike has enough spunk to shoot past 50mph. 45mph(72kph)at over 12,400rpm is the fastest I've gone, with more throttle left.

That's on flat ground with no tailwind.

On a crowded highway 35mph is very comfortable. That's with taking the whole lane.

I trust the integrity of my nearly new Giant mountain bike. It's not going to fold up like an accordion on the streets. If the bike was made to handle mountain trails, it'll easily handle paved roads.

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