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i still would like to see a plausible theory that might explain 2door's reports of his own experience

i'm inclined to be sceptical - you have to be - the world is a wonderful place & a logical & rigorous scientific examination never did spoil the joy of life for me. Oh no.

But, this does not mean that I find it neccesary to approach every thing that is new with the mindset that the promoters are a bunch of patent LIARS....

at least not straight off the bat...

best theory i can come up with is that a complex transition ensues when an engine with a goodly coating of metallic salts laid down by high-pressure additives and friction modifiers etc ..... is converted to opti-2 which seems to work through a different kind of additive that likes metals better than it likes metallic salts

best regards to 2door et al
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