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Default Re: Making My Bike Legal

Originally Posted by granbury_man View Post
Yes,you had a very good reason to be mad....I guess you should have spit on her,or with all the slobering you were doing,mabe she went home wet haha,just kidding....when you say you have no faith in the cops,I couldnt agree with you more....Most of them are high school nerds on a power trip and believe me,I have dealt with alot of cops over the years....The best thing to do is stay calm,make the cop feel important,they love to feel like they are running the show....
I probably would have had an easier time keeping my cool if I haven't just been slapped in the face and when the cops come they act like I'm the bad guy cause I'm in a pissed off mood. This cop was kinda dickhead though, you question anything and the first thing he does is start threatening to write tickets. Cops in my town don't do anything but write tickets, they should be called glorified meter maids instead of cops, I consider a real cop one of those guys on the TV show The First 48, you know solving a murder and stuff like that. There aren't any murders in my town, I don't know what the cops would do if there was one, write someone a ticket for it?
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