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Default Re: Making My Bike Legal

Originally Posted by mechanickid View Post
just another note, i recommend we keep peaceful attitudes towards the law and people in general, when our bikes get in the news it really effects our cause and it wouldn't take much for us to become known as trouble makers. but if we stay on the right side of the his room clean and homework done so his parents will let him go out with his friends whenever he has the chance.

happy trails
Agree 100% here. I've found in all my dealings with police over the years that the coolest head wins. Make the other person look like the raving lunatic and you got it made. lol

Even works with judges. Faught a ticket years ago and I just calmly stated my side of the story while the PO stammered, referred to his notes and changed his story. Judge let me off and chewed the officer a new one in front of the whole court, said he needed lessons in professionalism. I could barely contain myself but after the courtroom door closed behind me I let out a "WHOO HOOO!" that I know everyone inside heard.
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