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Default Re: Making My Bike Legal

Originally Posted by Kevlarr View Post
Best bet is to get to know your local LEOs. I know every one that patrols around this area by name and even have one's cell number. When I spoke to him about my bike his exact words were "The law about 'mopeds' is so vague that no one even checks anymore."

Funny thing is around here a "moped" has to have a head light, tail light, turn signals, brake light, horn, be under 50cc and go less then 30 mph. The other day I was behind a guy on a scooter with a moped sticker on the fender, I was doing 35 in my truck and he was pulling away at a pretty good clip.
I've driven past the cops in my town quite a bit in the short time I had this bike, even did a rolling stop through a stop sign right in front of cop cause I didn't see him til I was halfway into the road, I thought for sure he'd get on my ass but he he didn't he went the opposite way. I've been driving past the police station with no worries, the cops seemed cool until I talked to this one. Oh well I'll do whatever I have to do.
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