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Default Re: Making My Bike Legal

Originally Posted by mechanickid View Post
Haha, cops often like to exercise they're authority. I almost burst out laughing while a cop spent 15 minutes trying to figure out something wrong with my bike legally so he could hold me, it was funny because i knew he couldn't. but he did call another cop to chase me down ofter he let me go to see if i would resist being pulled over, and to see if he could figure anything out. i even gave them my number in case they did... they never called... lol

that sounds like a good idea. it might cost you, but it would be worth making it legal just to own the cops.

The stuff about the bike I really don't care, I knew I was going to have to get lights on it and stuff to make it legal, the thing that bothers me is this lady got away with slapping me in my face and the cop says I'm the aggressor because I have a loud voice and got louder when she refused to leave my property. The cop said if he gives her a ticket he'll have to give me a ticket and I don't think yelling at a trespasser is something that warrants me getting a ticket.

After I called the cops the lady realized she messed up and was sitting her fat ass on my neighbors lawn, I told her she's setting a great example for her grandkid and she said something like "So are you." Um lady she's not my grandkid and I didn't slap you in the face because I didn't like the words coming out of your mouth. There are some absolutely worthless people in this world.

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