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Question hey heeeeeeyyyyy...... from the lbc

How goes it all?....
newbie here just getting into the motor bicycling thing. just started my project bike, but i seem to be having some issues. Im not really a mechanics kind of guy, so i thought this would be a kick ass way 2 learn, plus my love of bicycles gets a boost now that i found out u can motorized a stretch.... FREAKIN SWEET!!! i wanted 2 originally mount the motor on my stretch, but seemed like the motor barely fit and also looked like alot more work, so i thought i started with something smaller, but anyways... i just finished up assembly and gave it a test run and well........ well im having some throttle probs, and once i thought i had it going..... my freakin chain snaps off and messes up the sproket rim and twisted up my chain.... grrrrrr!!!.... owell, trial and error. so any advice? could sure use it =o)

o and its great seeing all these kool ass bikes everyone has.... much respect
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