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Default Making My Bike Legal

Yesterday I had a big mess up with my bike and I finally got everything back up and working a few hours ago. I did a little test run up and down the street and the neighbor across the street had a problem with that. She allows her grandkid to drive her bike up and down the street and instead of worrying about giant cars hitting her she was concerned with me. She came over to my house and started yelling at me so I started yelling back.

She slapped me in the face because I guess she's thought I should just sit there and let her yell at me and expect me not to yell back. I called the cops on her, the cops were of no use, they basically said if they give her a ticket they'll give me a ticket because my voice is louder than hers and when she came on my property I started yelling.

Sounds like a bunch of bull****. What was I supposed to do? I told her to get off my property and she refused. Now the cops are giving me a hard time about my bike, the cop was like I could write you 4 or 5 tickets, blah blah blah about not having the bike registered and all that. Anyway I want to get everything legal, so what should I do, I think all I need to do is get a headlight and some blinkers, after that I just go to the DMV and they'll want to check my bike out or something?

I just don't believe this lady can get away with slapping me, she came on my property and I told her to get off, she refused to leave and I started yelling at her to leave. Yeah I was loud but I don't think that deserves getting hit in the face. I know for a fact if I hit her back I'd be arrested. I'm really pissed off about this because I did nothing wrong.

I was planning on making my bike legal anyway just wasn't to eager to get going on it cause the cops around her haven't given me a hard time at all, I zipped past a bunch of cops in the short time I had my bike and not one of them ever got on my tail and pulled me over.
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