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Default Re: suggestions please

I have an active brain tumor and very bad balance. If I stand on one foot I will most likely fall on my butt. The Twenty inch wheel does a lot of things for me. first of all it makes mounting and dismounting the bike much safer. I have had them turn over and throw me into a wall with tall hikes.

It allows me to also put both feet firmly on the ground when I stop at a stop sign. I recently put a 26" wheel on my gasoline bike and it was so off balance for me I switched out the front wheel for a 24" to get the bike down. I have the short crank set from the 20" bike as well since my legs don't go up and down like most people's. I have what is called foot drag not a very scientific term but the neurologist uses it so it must be okay for me to use.

I use the small chain ring as well since it makes pedaling easier on my diseased heart. The handles bars are to keep my arms closer in to the bike and prevent me from banging my knees on the cruiser bars. They come on most of the donar 20" bikes and are easier to come by. I also am disabled and don't have a lot of money to spend on bikes, so I build them from junk.

My bikes should be good for old people who cant swing their legs over big tall bikes. Give them a chance to get out for some exercise and still get home after. That is the purpose of this bike.

I do hope that is a good enough explanation as its the only one i have.

Oh yeah one more thing, I like them and the people around my town Including kids all stop me to ask about them. They seem to like them okay.
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