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Originally Posted by cyclepro101 View Post
I don't think the focus should be on the 100:1 fuel to oil mix but rather the OIL. If it was std Walmart oil, 100:1 would be way to lean but the manufactures have designed this stuff to be run at 100:1. Maybe thats what its as thick as refrigerated honey. Hey, I am not defending this stuff as my motor could blow up any day, but I am yet to read or hear of anyone that has lost a motor, be it one of ours or a lawn care product. Maybe if this stuff was as thin as normal oil you would need to mix it at 50:1 or 30:1, but I dont think the 100:1 is the main point with this oil. I think its the way it works is what we should be focused on.
Just for the record I have broke my new engine in on this stuff at 100:1 and now done 500km's. I took the head and jug off and it looked fine, with a thin layer of oil stuff over all the parts I could see.
We aint racing G.P. bikes here, they are just put put 2 strokes, they would probably run on metho and veg oil.

true GP bikes were 2stroke ( sheds tear lol )

i see what you're saying. Perhaps you're right. Time to do some Deadend investigations :lol:
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