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Let's see if I can help:
1. & 4. sound like the same problem. The clutch cable isn't adjusted properly. It needs to be able to move the clutch actuator lever a good inch or so to disengage the clutch and allow the rear wheel to rotate without moving the engine crankshaft.
2. Yes, the twist grip should return to the idle position when released. make sure your throttle cable is routed so there are no sharp bends or kinks and that it is installed correctly in the carb.
3. Soldering the connections is prefered over twisting and tape or wire nuts. Most kits provide you with metal push-together terminals but they are notorious for coming loose. The best and most trouble free method is soldering and using heat shrink tubing over the connections.
Hope these answers get you started but don't hesitate to come back with more questions if you need help. You'll get more responses as the evening progresses.
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