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Default Re: RANT! flat tires

Originally Posted by TerrontheSnake View Post
I've been looking, and haven't found it yet. There is a thread and the guy has sworn off of slime tubes. Bad front end blow out, the mess was part of his issue to, but he did talk about being concerned of the safety of them, and a discussion insued. I did state it was just a theory and therefore not claim it as fact. Just putting it out there, thats all.
I think I can clear this up....When you talk about the tires getting hotter and the heat causing the slime to expand is just nonsence....I live 35 west of ft.worth texas and it has been 103 degrees or higher on a regular basis and in 3 1/2 years I have never experienced one problem with a blow out from the heat....And let me tell you the roads get so hot they get sticky like tar,im talking so hot that you cannot walk for more that 20 feet without shoes on with out hopping around like a little kid in a candy store....Once again,I have never had one problem other than hitting large screws or nails and punturing my tire and slowly go flat....
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