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Originally Posted by TerrontheSnake View Post
Hey outlaw, I will be making some changes to my setup since your story of breakage. I will still be tempting fate with my rockshox front end But I will be beefing it up significantly. I will keep you updated as to anything that happens. I wanna say thanks for your input with my threads and having my safety in mind. Your a good man sir, I like the plate on the front end idea here for the brake. If I were going to use a pull brake still I would do something similar but I'm going to disc.
i hope you do beef it up and take alot consideration in building your front end,this accident happened on monday like 2 weeks ago and im still so messed up i can barely handle the pain that shoots up my arms when i try to turn my throttle and brake. i just dont want anyone else here to go thru the same pain im in even right of luck to you on your build and be safe.

oh yea, and everything is custom on this bike besides the frame, i was on a shoe string budget and made the best out of what i could get and fabricate, i dont have a close up shot of it,but if you notice i even build custom chain tensioners for the rear end out of bolts welded to fender washers. i rejected all the ideas for an engine mount and made my own even tho it may look similar to ones you have seen,the engine mount is a plate steel thats some where between a 1/8 and 1/4 inch thick to avoid bending and deflection as i torqued it down to the frame and its also rubber isolated by self adhesive rubber foot grips found at tractor supply.

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