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Default Re: 'Burgher from PA sez hey!

The dax titan four stroke engine with a rear mount is working for me but it's the only one i've tried so i have nothing to compare it with. would the burgher be from hamburg pa? i have a place in schuylkill haven and had my build out for the first time last weekend. aside from a few things which aren't covered in the instructions and the fact that one of the sprockets was shipped with two allen type set-screws instead of a hex head (you can't tighten the allen type set-screws enough to prevent slippage) the thing is pretty nice, which you'd expect it to be since it's a clone of a honda engine.

it idle's very quietly and even running it at speed, more than fifty percent of the noise is from the gear box and chain, not the engine. it started after ONE pull fresh out of the box. i was amazed.

i mounted it on a custom bike with 16 inch wheels and the racing sprocket because of the small wheels. i didn't measure a top speed on it but it goes way over 20 which is faster than i'd care to ride that little bike even without an engine. i never got it maxed out on the flat because it was going too fast.

i'm gonna get another one and do the frame mount on a full sized road bike that i wont be afraid to go 30+ mph on.

also, the customer support at dax is wonderful.

have fun:
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