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Default Re: Disabled/Elderly Tricycles, Overland Park KS

Lynn, Welcome to the forum, I thought I was the only one on here willing to make a Political Rant. I'm not ! I feel the same way and I'm sick of it.
I have been putting motors on anything and everything since I was 12 years old. I am now soon to be 27 and have very many designs for various different types of lightweight vehicles including Hover, and Heli power. I will be starting my own company soon as well and I hope your company succeeds.
I would tend to agree with Bender here that electric model would do rather well but a fuel powered option would be cool! Or even better a small CC alchohol motor turning a steady rpm range well muffled that powers a small alternator and batteries for electric power. This should add reliability to the gas powered by putting lil stress on the motor as well as effectively making it a highbrid.

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