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Default Re: 20 Inch Occ Schwinn Stringray 5 Speed?

You're doing it wrong......
You are trying to disassemble the freewheel and take it off in pieces
while it is still attached to the wheel. It is supposed to come off in one piece.

Some freewheels come off with a special Freewheel Tool, while the cheapies that were not meant to come off, do not..... the OCC has a cheapy installed.


1. Tack Weld the Freewheel in Four Places Around The Outer Edge Of The Freewheel.
This takes the "FREE" out of the freewheel, and joins the outside with the inside that is screwed onto the wheel.

2. (This is the fun part) Unscrew the Cheapy Freewheel.
(Yeah Right! As if it were that easy!)
Time, Rust, and Force has screwed this freewheel so tight on the wheel
that it is very hard to remove, but it can be done with logical thinking.


A. Leverage is your friend- Weld a "cheater" bar to the freewheel that is 4 feet long, and then secure the wheel so it doesn't move. It should walk right off without damage to the wheel. Be careful on HOW you secure the wheel. I like to leave the tire inflated, and then ratchet strap the tire to something sturdy.

B. If you have a nice sized bench vise, you can squash the freewheel in it by the teeth, with the wheel hovering over the vise. Then do your best impression of trying to turn the steering wheel of a stalled out Semi-Truck until it loosens... =-]' (my favorite, as I am quite fast at it)

C. Carefully Secure The Wheel, and then CAREFULLY, use a drift, shaft, steel dowel, driver, etc. with a BFH, and gently (not really gently, but carefully so you don't hit the spokes of the wheel) tap the teeth in counterclockwise fashion to unscrew the freewheel. ( BFH = BIG FRIGGEN HAMMMER )

Side Note: when tacking the freewheel, wrap a soaking wet old towel around the wheel so you don't scorch it with flying hot molten weld dingleberries.

3. Screw On The Brand New 5 Speed Freewheel. (aww, see? was that so hard???) =-]'

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