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Default Re: suggestions for little person- bikes to motorize

Originally Posted by Russell View Post
Do a search on OCC stingray. If you purchase on craigslist you can usuall find one for under $50.
The build is not as challanging as most would have you believe. However if you are mechanicaly challanged look up plug and play builds. Many 24 in bikes will accept motors.

The plywood behind the bike is 48 in. high, however guys up to 5-8 ride this model (usuall under power only).
Like the look of that one. 299 on amazon though AAH. Already threw out some $ on a crappy ebikie before deciding to build a gas bike, so can't afford much. Checking craigslist now, and maybe tomorrow will have some fun searching at thrift stores. I've seen bikes there before when I wasn't looking for them. Next stop will be the dump.

Currently, I am mechanically challenged, but one of the main goals for the project is to become less mechanically challenged. I don't think I'm mechanically challenged by nature, but was raised in a non-handy home, where the only tool we had was a hammer. To crack coconuts. And I went to a tiny all girls school where there were no shop classes or anything, so I was never exposed. So, I am currently extremely ignorant and unpracticed mechanically, but have a desire to learn practical skills.
I have no problem with researching online and struggling with my meager skillset and knowledge. And if I have a huge problem, as a last resort, there's always a handy engineer friend. But the point of this project is to learn something (and to get reliable transportation!)

For that reason, I do not want to choose the premade bikes or an option that requires little work. What I need is a kit that by putting it together, I will learn how things work. A kit that comes with clear directions (not in Chinese!) with pictures would be ideal. basically, a fairly foolproof kit that comes with a manual that makes sense. Price is also a big deal because I'm currently unemployed, and a student. 50cc is the limit because of MO laws.
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