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Default Re: Another Build from an abandon in the park bike

I got two new kits from Dax today. I already took one apart. It looks OK, It is interesting to see the evolution of these engines. This one had a short rod crank, the ports are smaller than I have seen. I am not using the cylinder, the fins are very thin, I guess it is OK. I already have barrel that is ported, so I will use that. the head has a large combustion chamber so the ratio will be low. The gears are meshing better than I have seen ever. They still have the square teeth on the output sprocket. I would sure like to see the timing cover get some more mettle! This one has a dent in it so I wont be able to polish. I like the newer clutch handle, the chrome on the gas tank is a new one, I guess I can incorporate it in a paint schema. Keep you posted when I get it running. Have fun, Dave
Its just a job. (Link) My shop is in the lower R/H corner.

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