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Default Re: fuel tank thread untapped

Originally Posted by Pablo View Post
Just use the gasoline resistant thread sealer available at most well stocked good hardware stores - it's what we used for hundreds of fuel valve assemblies. Works great. Teflon tape is a PITA, and not all that fuel resistant.

Pablo gives good advice on this one. Gasoline resistant thread sealer in conjunction with the gasket that comes with the kit supplied petcock is a good bet.
I'll repeat something here that I've posted often. Teflon tape is NOT a thread sealer. It is intended as a thread lubricant for pipe (tapered) threads. As a pipe thread is tightened it more or less binds and seals itself due to the taper. Teflon tape acts as a lubricant to allow a tighter fit. It does not seal. If you've stopped a leak with teflon tape it was because it bunched up around the top of the threads and took up some space becoming a gasket of sorts. There are liquid teflon thread sealers that serve two purposes, to lube and seal. Tape is a joke for machine threads as found on the tanks and petcocks of most Chinese kits.
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