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Default Where To Order A Chain Tensioner

Today I filled up my gas tank a little too much and brought a rag along because gas was spilling out of the top. I jammed the rag between my tank and handle bars and it fell off and got on my chain and into the sprocket on the motor. I had to walk my bike home holding the back wheel up, good thing I was only about 2 miles from home.

It only took me about 2 hours to dig out the rag from behind the sprocket, I loosened up my chain tensioner which was giving me no problems at all and when I went to tighten it back up I did something wrong and now the thing won't tighten up at all. The nut is stuck on there I can't move it in any farther and I can't get it off. I had to flip it upside and hit it with a rubber mallet to get it off my bike.

I've been to all the sites advertised on this site and can only find the wheel for sale, I need the whole thing not just the wheel. I found one site selling one but it doesn't look like the one that came with my kit and it looks like you can't move the wheel up or down at all.

Anyone know where to get the ones that come with the kit or something I can pick up locally without having to weld or heat up any metal and bend it?
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