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Question suggestions for little person- bikes to motorize

Hi all,

Almost all of the bikes I've seen on this site and other sites are 26" male bikes. I am a relatively short, small female (5"4, 115 lb), and the adult male bikes are generally uncomfortable for me because of the distance between seat and handlebar, and also seat and pedals.

The female bikes I've looked at don't have much space for engine mounting. I don't care much about the "easy hop off-ness" of female bikes, and am contemplating a male kids bike or a lowrider.

Right now I ride a nonmotorized male mountain bike, and was considering motorizing that one, but the poor fit led to knee pain (patello-femoral something) because fullsize male bikes just dont seem to suit me.

If anyone has experience motorizing a female bike or a lowrider or male youth bike, I'd appreciate some advice!

Anyone here motorized a lil bike and can suggest something that could work for my size? Can't find smaller bikes that have space for mount.

I am on a very limited budget.

Thank you,

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