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Default Disabled/Elderly Tricycles, Overland Park KS

Greetings, one & all! I've been reading posts for a couple of hours now. This is a great forum.

My name is Lynn Roberts and I'm a disabled lady in Overland Park, KS. I'm working on a design for
a basic, motorized (Honda 4 stroke), adult trike, mainly for the disabled & elderly market.

The first trike will be a prototype, to eventually produce & market. However, I don't want to
just produce & sell these trikes ... I'm actually designing a complete business system for
building this basic trike.

Here in the USA, and everywhere in the world, actually, "freedom & liberty" is hanging by a
thread. Runaway government regulations, laws, wars, fraud, schemes, bailouts, takeovers, failures, etc., all chipping away at our lives, from all directions. During the 80's, I went to agriculture school
in rural missouri. Then in the 90's, I went to law school & opened a regional practice in SW
Missouri & SE Kansas. In the 80's, with the start of "made in China", I saw plant after plant
close down. Shoes, equipment, clothing, mills, toys, everything shutting down, right & left.

I vowed to never buy "made in China" & I've stuck with it 99%. Now I'm disabled & not
practicing law. Instead, I'm working to help people understand the danger we face as a
nation (or, on a global basis, as FREE PEOPLE) ...

When the march towards "cheap" goods began, I knew those goods were not less expensive. I
knew they were much, much more expensive than any American-made products, even if
American costs more. And today, we can see that the bargain of cheap China, was no bargain
but just another scam on the People. The true cost was the destruction of our manufacturing
base, and the increase in power for China (brutal totalitarian gov).

Parallel to the destruction of our means of living & producing income, we've seen a staggering, almost overwhelming increase in the government control of EVERYTHING. (Now, they want to
completely takeover & control our health care. If that doesn't scare you, please wake up. Yes,
health care is expensive & needs 'reform' - but, one of the main reasons it's expensive is due to
gov interfering. Excessive rules & regs increase price, and favor big insurance companies. Gov
created crisis, now they want to fix it. I could get free care at VA, but I either self-pay private doc or I do without. It's horrible. Today I saw an article that they may have infected 11,000 people
with HIV, Hep C & Hep B - by failing to sterilize colonoscope tools. WTF?!) sorry for the sideline,
but it's relevant, here's why:


Dependable, affordable & accessible transportation is critical. Sometimes we need to use a car -
due to weather, distance & number of travelers. But so much of the time, a sturdy bike/trike
would be ideal. They're relatively easy to build & maintain. Fuel efficiency is excellent & can be gasoline or alcohol. Alcohol is cheap and it's easy to make - in emergency or just for increasing
the efficiency of the return on your investment in the bike/trike.

I know I'm preaching to the choir here, but consider this ... we could develop an entirely new
economy based on this business model I'm developing.

My plan is to create a turn-key, start-up business package - for building, selling & maintaining motorized trike. This is an easy & fun task for me. The problem is this: I can't design & build the trike.

So, if anyone here would like to be involved in the ground floor of this effort, and has experience in building motorized trikes, please speak up & get involved.

At this point, design help is needed most. I've researched this alot, because nobody currently builds the trike I'm looking for.

Slowly but surely I'm learning more & more. I've already spoken with the owner of Frankenstein Trikes. He's an engineer and builds big trikes. (he says his business is sky high, more orders now than ever - this leads me to believe this is a lucrative market for this type of transportation).

Anyway, he said one of the main things is to make sure and design to include a differential. He suggested the Comet differential & axle as used for go karts. But there's so many other elements, of which only someone with knowledge of trikes/motor bikes will have.

So, I'm appealing to your wisdom & generosity in helping get this project moving forward.

Then, in the spring, I hope to have prototype built, and business system set up, ready to sell!

Thanks for listening, and I look forward to hearing from you.

/s/ Lynn Roberts
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