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Default Re: opti-2 I'm sold on it.

I don't know, but I think it's a pretty good bet that this would be a killer combo.
Opti-2 and..... Ta DAAA!

I don't know exactly how much "plus" we're talking here. Some experimentation is in order. But there is little doubt in my mind that this will enhance your driving experience.

Bear in mind, as the name suggests, this product, when combined with Opti-2, will detect whatever advantages that product has accorded, apportioned, awarded, bequeathed, come through for, committed unto, conferred upon, devoted to, donated to, entrusted upon, favored with, gifted to, given away toward, granted, handed out to, honored with, imparted to, kicked in with, lavished upon, offered up to, presented with, put out to, or rendered toward your little motor....and simply makes it do MORE of all that. Yess'ir, every one of those fancy words above! All yours, yours alone, working in your camp for only 49.95 a bottle.


I'll DOUBLE your product for the same low price if you act before midnight EST! No credit cards, money orders, personal checks, paypal, yada yada... just cash in an envelope please.

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